Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede is an incredibly accomplished woman. She is an actress, model and internationally recognised designer. In March 2011, she starred in the film Desert Flower, an adaptation of model Waris Dirie’s autobiography, directed by Sherry Hormann.

She also appeared in The Good Shepherd and Lord of War. Liya recently finished shooting Alain Chabat’s Marsupilami. She also stars alongside Freida Pinto in JeanJacques Annaud’s Black Gold. Watch all the videos of Liya Kebede! Liya always looks fascinatingly beautiful on the red carpet. In 2007, Liya launched Lemlem, her own Fairtrade clothing brand for women and children. The brand supports the Ethiopian weaving trade. In 2008, the brand launched its first range of clothes handmade in Ethiopia. Lemlem combines Liya’s interest in fashion with her humanitarian work and gives Ethiopian craftspeople a vital economic opportunity. Liya is a committed woman and founded the Liya Kebede Association which endeavours to reduce mother and child mortality and to improve living conditions for mothers and children across the world. The association works in close collaboration with other highly respected bodies such as UNICEF, the White Ribbon Alliance, Women Helping Others and the Fistula Foundation and relays the international support with local work. Liya is also an Advisory Member of the Mothers' Day Every Day campaign.

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