A drop of extraordinary…

A unique oil formula that transforms dry hair into silk.The award winning ELVIVE Extraordinary oil is the perfect companion for ULTIMATE hair care, style and protection.

Inspired by the extraordinary power of 6 rare flower oils, it provides incredible nourishment for all hair types and won't weight your hair down.

Discover the versatility of hair oil and the many secrets of Extraordinary Oil below...

6 Flowers Oils:

6 exceptional powers

Lotus oils

gives an intense nutrition

Tiare flower oil

protects from dryness

Rose oil

protects from external aggressors

Camomile oil

boosts shine and radiance

Matricaria oil

softens and relaxes hair

Flax oil

intensely hydrates

  • Light Mist

    Our 1st ultra-fine oil mist. Specifically developed for the finest hair. Enriched with Lotus flower extract for ultra-versatile use and quick absorption.

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  • All Hair Types

    A perfectly balanced oil with a texture so absorbing that it instantly penetrates and adjusts to the specific needs of each hair
    type to nourish and provide perfect care.

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  • Dry/Damaged hair

    A hair oil specifically designed for dry or damaged hair. Use before shampooing as a mask, before blow-drying for protection or when styling as a finishing touch.

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Lets start by LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It really gave my hair an amazing

healthy feeling, finally something that saves my ends and gives me the soft and

gorgeous hair I deserve.


The end results are amazing or should I say extraordinary.

My hair looks glossy, shiny and healthy.

Beauty Obsession

For me it works- it's not greasy, it tames my fly-aways and leaves my hair
soft, smooth and styled. I highly recommend this for everyone


I give this 5 stars, however if I could have given this 10, I would as it is a
fabulous product and at $19.95 this is worth every penny.

Divine Diva

I have had lots of compliments in the last few weeks about my hair - I very rarely get
complimented on my hair so this is going in my 'must have' hair products.


1001 Secrets of extraordinary oil

Secret #1 As a daily
nourishing care

Apply a few drops on your hair daily,
focusing on the lengths of the hair to
intensively nourish and tame frizz.

Secret #138 As a nourishing

Apply a few drops on your hair 10 minutes before shampooing to smooth the fibre and restore your hair’s texture.

Secret #211 To protect before

The day before colouring, prepare your hair
by applying a few drops. You hair is deeply nourished, ready to be coloured without fear of having dry hair.

Secret #296 As a night treatment to recharge hair

Apply generously to dry hair and leave overnight for deep nourishment. Use a
shower cap to boost the effect.

Secret #466 Protect your hair from heat

Protect you hair against heat damage and
heat tools by coating it with oil before blow
drying and styling.

Secret #604 Protect your hair from the pool

Apply few drops on your hair before swimming to protect from chlorine and dryness.

Secret #673 Protects your hair from humidity

Apply a few drops on your hair to tame frizz caused by humitidy in hot temperatures. Oil keeps water out of the cuticle to make hair smooth & soft.

Secret #712 Curl definition

Apply a few drops on your hair, then place it
in a towel and squeeze gently without
rubbing. Your curls will be more defined
and nourished.

Secret #841 Anti-frizz smoothing

Apply a few drops on wet hair and detangle with a wide toothed comb.

Secret #965 Helps create the perfect wavy look

Apply a few drops on damp hair, braid hair
and leave overnight or until hair is dry.
Untie the braid & hair is perfectly wavy!
Finish by adding a few drops to control frizz
& add shine.

Secret #1001 Illuminates your hair

Apply a few drops to bring shine &
suppleness to your strands.