Active Defence System (ADS)

L'Oréal Paris patented ingredient in Men Expert products, ADS, Active Defense System is derived from peppermint leaf extract and works to soothe and help reinforce the skin’s natural resistance against daily aggressions day after day.


Also known as open comedones, they look like small dark or greyish dots. Blackheads are caused by excess oil that has accumulated in the sebaceous gland ducts in your skin.

Glycolic Acid

An alpha hydroxy acid used for its skin exfoliation properties.


Lipids are the fatty matter present in living beings. They can be in a solid form, like a wax or a liquid form like an oil.

Pore Target

A patented technology found in Pure Zone, Pore Target technology allows a higher concentration of active ingredients to be transported to where imperfections are born, deep in the pores.

Pro-Retinol A

A key ingredient in Revitalift, Pro Retinol A helps stimulates skin renewal to thicken the epidermis help reducing the visibility of wrinkles.


Oil naturallly secreted by the skin.


Sun protection factor which indicates the level of protection provided by the product when skin is exposed to sun UV rays.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to improve the radiance and energy of the skin. Its anti-free radical action pairs with Vitamin E to help fight against free radicals.


Abnormally high sensitivity to certain substances that can lead to an adverse reaction.


All products used to add colour accents to your cheeks or other parts of the face other than the eyes or lips.


Compressed powder which is applied with a brush, cotton wool or finger. Compact powder is generally used to touch-up make-up during the day.


The general appearance and colour of the skin on your face.


Concealing of skin imperfections such as blemishes, birthmarks and uneven skin tone.


Claims about a cosmetic product where the usage has been clinically studied by a qualified dermatologist in order to test its safety and suitability for use on the skin. Look for ‘dermatologically tested’ on pack to confirm whether a product is suitable for use on the skin.


Cosmetic product used to colour the edges of your eyelids directly above or below the eyelash line. Can also make lashes appear thicker.


Vital for a perfect look, make-up foundations are cosmetic products which even your complexion, conceal dark shadows and small imperfections and transform your face into a blank canvas. A good foundation will ensure, among other things, that blusher adheres well and eyelids hold make-up. Foundations come in different forms (creams, liquids, sticks or powder) and offer various levels of coverage.


Shiny, light-reflecting texture for lips.


Products that have been tested to show a reduced risk of allergic reaction.


Kohl is used in make-up to outline the eye or eyelids. It is a Mineral powder containing galena (or malachite) and can be black or grey depending on the mixture.


Cosmetic product to outline and define your lips. A lip pencil can be used to help redefine the shape of your lips by drawing a slightly different outline, to create thicker looking or more even-looking lips. Outlining your lips can also make applying lipstick easier.


Cosmetic product with longer-lasting colour and texture compared to some other cosmetics products. Can apply to foundation, lipstick or eye shadow.


A fine powder that is applied to the face with a puff or a brush.


Make-up product allowing you to colour your eye lashes and make them look longer and thicker. Mascaras are comprised of a tube containing a colorant product in liquid or cream form and a brush which can be straight or curved. The brush is dipped into the tube the applied to the eyes. WATERPROOF mascara is resistant to water, to avoid streaks that can appear following rain or tears.


A subdued, non-shiny finish.


Mineral make-up is make-up that comprises natural mineral ingredients and is gentler on skin, compared to traditional make-up. It can adapt to all skin types is even suitable for sensitive skin.


A smooth, luminous finish which gives skin a soft look.


The variation in your skin tone which gives you a unique complexion. Skin has three main tones: golden, neutral or reddish.


Describes cosmetic products that provide a light coverage allowing you to see the skin clearly.


Resistant to water.


An ash or pearl tone to the base shade hair colour.


The most fibrous part of the hair shaft. It contains the hair's natural colour pigments and keratin, which is a fibrous protein which gives the hair its strength.


The protective outer layer of the hair composed of very small clear fish-like scales, which should lay flat and overlap. This creates a flat surface to reflect light and give the hair its shiny appearance. Hair colour opens or raises the cuticle to let the pigments penetrate the cortex.


The percentage a hair colour can cover grey hair. Brands recommended for complete grey coverage are Excellence Crème, Preference and Excell10'.


Derived from the henna plant, a vegetable dye made from its leaves and stems into a powder. Traditionally, it coats the hair in reddish colour. Hair treated with henna cannot be covered with hair colour, since henna coats the outer hair shaft, affecting the penetration of most hair colour brands.


Thin or thick strands of hair that are coloured lighter or darker to the hair colour to provide multi-tonal hair colour.


The scale from 1 to 10 is used to determine the depth of colour from Black to Very Light Blonde. This system is used to identify both natural hair colour and hair that has been coloured.


Reacts with the natural colour pigment in the hair by opening the hair cuticle and lightening it permanently. Depending on the hair’s natural colour and application time of the lightening product, you can lighten hair by 3 to 6 shades.


It is a colourant that gives a permanent result and does not wash out. During colouring, the colourant works with the oxidant to replace the natural melanin pigments in the hair and deposits the new hair colour.


Often used when highlighting, it's a disposable or rubber cap with small holes through which thin or thick strands of hair can be pulled out and then coloured or bleached.


Adds copper, mahogany or burgundy highlights to hair.


Deposits colour onto the cuticle of the hair shaft but does not change the natural hair colour. Can last up to 10 shampoos and gradually fades.


A gold, copper, mahogany or red tone to the base shade hair colour.

Pearl Protein

The key ingredient in L'Oréal Paris ELVIVE Nutri-Gloss, Pearl Protein is the concentrated nutritional and energising elements found in pearls. It gives pearls their brilliant shine, strength and resistance. The Pearl Protein in ELVIVE Nutri-Gloss is derived from real pearls.


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