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How To Get Fuller Looking Brows How To Get Fuller Looking Brows
How To Get Fuller Looking Brows
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How To
Get Fuller Looking Brows


Thick and full eyebrows aren't just for those blessed with a naturally perfect pair. When it comes to matters of the brow, pencils and powders work wonders to fill in the gaps. From shaping to volumising, these are the products we're loving at the moment.

Any brow product that resists smudging and fading gets a big tick from us. Use Brow Pomade to create a buildable look from natural to bold.The slanted brush ensures precision while you outline and fill in your brows.

This one's a beauty (and easy to use for brow beginners). With a triangular shaped tip for precise application, use the soft styling brush to groom brows into place and blend for a natural finish.


For brow touch-ups, sweep the mini brush through the thin areas of your brows to add body and character. We love this tinted gel because it's shine-free and lasts up to 12 hours - one thing less to worry about during the day!

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Microblading Hack How to get perfect full brows Microblading Hack How to get perfect full brows
Microblading Hack How to get perfect full brows
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Brow Trends

Microblading Hack
How to get perfect full brows

It’s no secret that eyebrows are back in the spotlight. From red carpet to girl next door, full, thick eyebrows are officially a mainstream style choice. So how do you get your eyebrows looking full and fabulous, while avoiding a drawn-on, fake appearance?
Celebrities and beauty influencers have recently turned to a semi-permanent makeup technique called microblading to achieve the full-brow look – fear not, however, as this isn’t the only option. There’s an alternative product to help you achieve fierce, full brows without an expensive time-consuming visit to an eyebrow specialist.

What is microblading?
Microblading is one of many semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo treatments popping up in high-end beauty salons around the world. You may have heard the term used alongside others such as ‘eyebrow embroidery’, ‘micropigmentation’, ‘feathering’ and ‘etching’. Essentially, microblading your eyebrows is a less invasive tattoo procedure designed to draw on ultra-realistic hairs, making your brows look fuller in sparse areas.

The difference between a semi-permanent microblading procedure and a full tattooed brow is the depth to which the ink is injected into the skin. Microblading is essentially a surface tattoo created manually with a specifically designed tool for the procedure which injects pigment into the skin and carefully shape a fuller-looking brow.

The depth and thickness of each ‘hair-stroke’ is totally adjustable, and is catered to each client. Once inserted, the pigment is left to rest on the skin for a few minutes before being wiped away to reveal shaped brows.

This can be a very painful process that can require regular maintenance. After your first visit, a follow up appointment is required for touch-ups and additional shaping about four to eight weeks after the initial application. With a light application they last up to 6 months after which they’ll naturally fade away.

The process has gained popularity for good reason, but it does, of course, come with a pretty big price tag – up to $600 a treatment. Not to mention the pain and time involved! So what are your options if you crave the look without the investment?

The hack
You can achieve a full brow with a standard eyebrow pencil, but you’ll need a more sophisticated makeup tool if you’re looking to achieve that on-point microbladed style.
To hack it, you’ll need L'Oréal Micro Tattoo Brow Artist. It’s designed specifically to mimic a microbladed look without the commitment or costly salon visit. It has a super-fine trident tip that mirrors the applicator of microblading tools – giving you the illusion of added individual eyebrow hairs that you can apply to fit the look you want.

The application
To best apply L'Oréal Micro Tattoo Brow Artist, start with a clean eyebrow area. Remove any makeup with your favourite makeup remover and, if you apply serums or moisturisers regularly, make sure to avoid the eyebrow area ahead of application. For a natural looking brow, use the micro-trident tip to draw thin, hair-like strokes in a diagonal line.

Begin at the inner corner of the eyebrow, working outward towards the edge of the brow. The result should be a seamless blend of natural hairs and ones drawn to fill and enhance the shape. On days that you’re craving a bolder look, turn the applicator on its side and fill in your brows using the thick, flat section of the applicator tip.

As a bonus, L'Oréal Micro Tattoo Brow Artist is waterproof and lasts for up to 24 hours. It’s the perfect way to jump on the full brow bandwagon without the commitment of microblading! From feathered to thick to natural, it’s easy to test out the pen until you find the best eyebrow shape and style for you.

This brow hack offers ultimate flexibility so you can experiment with shape and thickness to your heart’s content. What could be better than a perfect set of brows?

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Autumn Skin Solutions Seasonal Skincare Autumn Skin Solutions Seasonal Skincare
Autumn Skin Solutions Seasonal Skincare
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Skincare Solutions

Autumn Skin Solutions
Seasonal Skincare

In the same way we switch up our wardrobes as the weather changes, we need to do the same thing with our skincare. The air in autumn becomes drier in prepartion for winter so we need to start thinking about nourishing moisturisers and rich skincare ASAP (because nobody wants cracked lips or flaky skin).

PURE CLAY DETOXIFYING & BRIGHTENING CHARCOAL MASK Start the summer detoxification process with a face mask that helps clear any impurities. This is the first step in shedding our summer skin!

AGE PERFECT CELL RENEWAL SERUM Protect skin from harsh winds and indoor heating with a skin-correcting serum. Use daily to help improve skin vitality, hydration and radiance.

AGE PERFECT HYDRATING NIGHT CREAM  The cooler air in autumn can leaving skin feeling tight and dry. Our tip? Apply a hydrating night cream before bed - this will help boost the skin's natural renewal process throughout the night.

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Microblading Hack How to get perfect full brows Microblading Hack How to get perfect full brows
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