Introducing New Face and Body Glam Bronze La Terra: Pure Ocher Pigments, ultra smooth texture and addictive sunny perfume in a maxi format for the most sensual, glamourous sun glow.

Glam Bronze La Terra 04 La Terra

Product benefits

  • Fine Film Technology for Ultimate Light Wear
    Ultra Light binders for extra fine film, lets skin breathe, no powdery sensation and no caky effect.
  • Sensual Experience
    Micronised- soft touch pigments for a velvety finish and solar perfume for the ultimate addiction
  • Extra Natural Glowy Sun effect
    Unique blend of ocher tones + microdispersed light pigments to mimic perfectly all the effects of the sun on your skin.


Pure Ocher pigments create an ultra light and velvety feel on the skin.

Fine Film Technology lets skin breathe while mimicing the perfect sun glow. These ultra light binders eliminate both the powdery sensation and caky effect.

Glam Bronze La Terra 04 La Terra

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