Colorista - Colour your way

Your colour
your way

Be a colour chameleon with Colorista, the first fully
customisable hair colour range for unlimited transformation
and self-expression.

Whether you want to make a statement for a night, try a new
colour for a few weeks, or fully commit to a new style, the
Colorista range has something for you.



Instantly on, instantly gone
Colorista Spray

Instant temporary colour
lasts 1 wash

The 5 shades of Colorista Sprays are quick and easy to apply to clean, dry hair.

A full range of colours for both blondes and brunettes, the spray-on formula is light on hair, strong on colour, and perfect to mix and match for a dramatic statement for one night only. Instantly on, instantly gone in one shampoo.

Spray Do's

  • Do hold the can about 15cm from your hair when spraying

    Hint: That is about the height of the Colorista can!

  • Do apply Colorista spray on the hair tips and strands

    For the best hair feeling, don't spray your whole head. If you want all over colour, go for Colorista washout.

  • Do keep in mind, your hair will feel a bit different after spraying

    Just like mascara on your lashes, the spray on formula feels different on hair. However, it will be gone in one shampoo!

  • Do use Colorista Sprays on all hair types and colours

    The pigmented colour formula is also designed to work on dark hair!

  • Do lock in colour

    Spray with hairspray after application

  • Do wash your hair at night after using Colorista spray

    Before going to sleep, wash out the colour to prevent any rub off on your pillowcase.

  • Do give the Hot Pink Spray an extra shampoo

    If you have blonde porous hair, be aware it may take 5-6 shampoos to fully come out.

Spray Dont's

  • Don't run out!

    Like with any hair colour, you may need 2 cans if you have extra-long or thick hair

  • Don't do too many layers of colour

    It can make your hair feel a bit heavier and dryer. Go for a soft effect!

  • Don't apply Colorista spray on your entire head

    It may feel a bit dry and crunchy

  • Don't go in the rain with your Colorista Spray!

    The same way eyeshadow comes off in the rain, so do Colorista Sprays. Don’t forget your umbrella!

  • Don't worry if you forgot to wash your hair before bed

    If the colour transfers to your pillowcase overnight, don't worry – it will wash off in one laundry wash!

Give in to
colour with


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Stand out looks
Colorista Washout

Seamless colour
lasts up to 15 washes

Find your perfect shade with 11 new colours of Colorista Washout. The intermixable colours create the perfect platform to try something new, or test out a brave new colour combination.

Blondes can use any of the pastel colours and brunettes can use vivids or pre-lighten first for pastels. The only limit is your imagination.


Download the Colour Shade Guide and find out
which Colorista is the best match for your hair type.

download colour
shade guide

Washouts Do's

  • Do take a look at the shade chart before picking your colour.

    There are specific shades for blondes and brunettes

  • Do choose pastel colours like pink or peach if you have light hair and it's your first time with semi-permanent colour.

    These colours fade quickly and seamlessly! On the other hand Colorista Washouts like purple, lilac, blue and aqua contain blue pigments and may be longer lasting.

  • Do use 2 tubes.

    Like with any hair colour, if you have long or thick hair and want to colour your whole head, get 2 tubes to ensure you don't run out!

  • Do pre-lighten darker hair with Colorista Ombre or Bleach.

    Pre-lightening first allows you to achieve the colour that's closest to what you see on the box.

Washouts Dont's

  • Don't apply Colorista on hair that has been previously darkened with permanent hair colour.

    This will prevent Colorista Washout from being visible if hair is dark.

  • Don't remove your colour with any oxidant.

    Use the fader shampoo to speed up colour fade. If you do go to a salon to remove the colour, make sure your colourist doesn't use any oxidant. If in doubt call our care line on 1300 659 359.

  • Don't be shy when applying the colour.

    You will need to ensure hair is well coated to get the best results.

  • Don't apply Colorista to wet or greasy hair.

    Results may be affected.

Liza goes
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Intense colour payoff
Colorista Paint

Vibrant colour that
won't wash out

3 permanent shades to change your look with Colorista's Paints range. The high-performance formula seals colour-intense pigments deep within the hair to give you modern rose blonde, blue black, or violet tones.

The specialist DIY brush allows optimal precision to apply the pure pigment colours strand by strand, resulting in seamless colour, blendability and intense colour payoff.

Go for gold
with Kirsten

Play VideoRose gold paint


Intense colour payoff
Colorista Effects

Play with

2 new Colorista Effects to expand your colour possibilities. Pre-lighten dark hair with our ammonia-free soft bleach, or try the ombre look to add luminous ends to dark hair.

Pre-lighten your hair first then play with Colorista washouts or sprays to add a little something extra to your new look.


  • Beauty Crew LogoI was worried that it would permanently colour my hair, but it washed out perfectly! Looked amazing and bright in my hair, would definitely love to try this product with all the different colours – great value and a great product!

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  • Beauty Crew LogoTurned my blonde hair a gorgeous pastel pink without drying it out. I was a little worried that it was going to stain my hair but it washed out after about 5 washes. It was so easy to apply and was great to play around with a new colour without committing to it permanently.

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  • Beauty Crew LogoLove this product! Didn't damage my hair and is as good as a salon job! Would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

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