Q AND A: Casting Crème Gloss

Q AND A: Casting Crème Gloss

See the answers to questions that the public have asked to help alleviate your first time colouring fears.

Is this product applied to wet or dry hair? 
To use this product, wet your hair without washing it and towel dry thoroughly. 

Do I shampoo when removing this colour?
No, to remove we advise you add a little lukewarm water and massage thoroughly into the hair. Thoroughly rinse until the water runs clear and apply a generous amount of the shine enhancing conditioner with royal jelly. 

Can you use Casting Crème Gloss on previously coloured hair? 
Yes you can. 

How often can I use this product? 
We recommend leaving at least 6 weeks in between colour applications. On your next application you should follow Method 2 for previously coloured hair. 

I want to radically change my hair colour, can I use Casting Crème Gloss? 
Casting Crème Gloss is designed to enhance natural hair colour rather than to dramatically lighten or darken your hair. If the colour applied is darker than your natural hair colour, new growth at the root will appear more pronounced. 

How long does this colour last? 
Casting Crème Gloss will gradually fade from your hair. However, results can vary depending on your hair history and condition. 

Does it contain ammonia? 
Casting Crème Gloss does not contain ammonia. 

I have just permed my hair, when can I apply Casting Creme Gloss? 
We recommend you wait at least two weeks after using a relaxer, a perm or a straightening process on the hair before applying Casting Crème Gloss. We advise you perform a strand test before colouring your hair as perms and relaxers can leave hair more porous. Porous hair can cause colour to be absorbed faster.

I have long hair, how many boxes of Casting Crème Gloss will I need?
If your hair is below shoulder length or very thick, you may need two boxes to ensure even application.

What is the development time of Casting Crème Gloss?
Always follow the instruction leaflet. The development time for each shade is explained here. Casting Crème Gloss has a development time of 20 minutes. If you require extra coverage of grey hairs add an extra 5 minutes. Start timing as soon as you've finished applying the colour.

If you are refreshing your existing colour or if your hair has been coloured less than 3 months ago, apply to your roots and leave for 15 minutes. Then apply the remaining mixture through the lengths, massage in and leave to develop for a further 5 minutes. 

How do I protect my colour from fading? 
We recommend you should use Elvive Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner, which is formulated to specifically meet the needs of colour treated hair.


Trends & Tutorial

How To: Find The Best Red Liquid Lipstick How To: Find The Best Red Liquid Lipstick
How To: Find The Best Red Liquid Lipstick
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Make Up

How To:
Find The Best Red Liquid Lipstick

A bold lip colour makes a powerful statement. Exuding beauty confidence and delivering a striking impact, it’s both classic and on-trend. The new L'Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Colour Ink has dialled up the intensity but features an ultra-lightweight formula for a barely-there feel. Apply less but get more out of every swipe of this liquid lip colour.

Nude lips continue to be the colour du jour (yes, even the Rouge Signature neutral tones will make a bold statement), but for those who crave colour, stand out with vibrant hues of pink, red, purple and orange (and luckily, there are 12 shades in total to choose from).

The best lipstick shade for your skin tone

Often we’re drawn to certain colours, but when it comes to picking the perfect shade of lipstick, really it’s our skin tone that should guide our final decision. The secret to finding a shade that will have the greatest impact is to choose one with complementary undertones to the ones already in your skin. Take the classic red lipstick - here’s how to find the best red liquid lipstick shade for your skin tone:

BEST FOR: Fair skin

If you have pale skin, you'll know all too well that you have pink undertones in you skin colour. But surprisingly, pink (as well as red and blue) undertones in the skin indicate that you have cool undertones. In which case, cool-toned red lipsticks are the most flattering. A raspberry red will pop against your fair skin tone, while a cherry lipstick shade is a great choice if you want something a little darker.

BEST FOR: Olive skin

Olive skin tones and medium skin tones have either yellow or green undertones, which is why warm orange-based reds are a match made in heaven for you.

BEST FOR: Dark skin

This one’s a little more tricky, as some dark skin tones have warm undertones, while others have cool undertones. However, as a general rule, orange-based and blue-based shades of red will look best, while pink-based reds should be avoided.

HOT TIP: Try Our Virtual Try-On Tool

Now that you know how to choose red lipstick shades that are best suited to your skin tone, it’s time to try them on for the final test. Our virtual beauty app allows you to snap a photo of yourself and then choose one of our Rouge Signature colours to try on (as well as all our other makeup products) and see how it will actually look against your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and defining features for the ultimate try-before-you-buy test run.


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Autumn Makeup: Trends To Try Autumn Makeup: Trends To Try
Autumn Makeup: Trends To Try
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Autumn Makeup:
Trends To Try

It's a shame to bid farewell to summer, but fortunately with each new season comes a bevy of new trends and colour palettes to play with. Now's the time to embrace plummy lipsticks, metallic finishes and sumptuous shadows. Discover all the makeup inspiration you need with our top picks for the season.

Moody Eyes
Autumn heralds the return of golden leaves, grey skies and... smokey eyes. Whether it's a creamy latte shade or a rich burgundy, there's something inherently flattering about deeper hues.
Layer burgundy into your crease and blend in some espresso shade drama with the La Petite Palettes in Nudist, creating the perfect autumn eye look.

Sculpted Brows
Nothing says sophistication like a perfectly arched brow. Perfect yours in a flash with Unbelieva’brow, our latest long-wear brow gel with a dual-ended brush.
Fill and sculpt with the angled brush, then comb through with the spoolie for a natural finish. A major perk of the product is that it's waterproof, smudge-proof and budge-proof... and lasts up to two days!

Cat Eyes
Make a statement this season with a bold winged eyeliner. Not only does this look turn heads, it helps make your eyes appear bigger.
If you have a love-hate relationship with the glossy ink, Flash Cat Eye Liner may be your new BFF. With the detachable stencil, you get the perfect wing every time. No more smudges, shaky lines, or uneven flicks.

Lush Lips

With the rest of your look bringing the drama, it's time to pare it back on the lipstick front. Perfect your pout with a swatch of blush nude - we recommend Incessant Russet or Invincible Sable from our Infallible 2-Step collection.

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How To Budge Free Base How To Budge Free Base
How To Budge Free Base
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How To
Budge Free Base

When you’ve got a long day ahead, it’s worth investing a little more time in your makeup routine to make sure it goes the distance. Our Infallible range was made for maximum comfort and maximum wear. Now with new Infallible Compact Powder you can employ the baking technique that'll make it last even longer. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be ready for anything.

Step One: Primer
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Begin with an eye cream, such as Revitalift Eye Cream, to rejuvenate tired eyes. Next, apply Infallible Primer to smooth imperfections and mattify skin, which will help your foundation glide on effortlessly. Remember, less is more with primer: simply dot on, blend and you’re ready to rock.

Step Two: Foundation
Never dull, never cakey, Infallible Foundation resists whatever life throws your way. Infallible 24H Matte Foundation is an old favourite, proven to be waterproof, sweat-proof and steam-proof. But our latest addition to the Infallible family is setting a new standard in longwear makeup. Infallible 24H Liquid Foundation has all the budge-proof benefits of its predecessor, with an additional glowy hydration element thanks to its Hyaluron Complex.

Step Three: Conceal
Target any problem areas with Infallible Concealer Pomade. The creamy, highly pigmented formula gives full coverage for up to 24 hours - dark circles, blemishes and imperfections are about to meet their match! Apply under eyes then extend a little further towards the apples of your cheeks - think upside-down triangle.

Step Four: Setting Spray
Not all heroes wear capes. Infallible Fixing Mist helps that fresh, just-applied look last for hours. Simply spritz onto a beauty-blender sponge for the essential next step.

Step Five: Baking
Use a fluffy brush to dust Infallible Compact Powder under your eyes and anywhere else concealer was applied. Dip your damp beauty-blender sponge in the powder and apply on top of concealer. At this stage, it’s going to look like a lot of makeup! That’s OK. Leave to set for 5-10 minutes; this allows the heat from your skin and the powder work together to set your base. When the time’s up, simply dust off excess powder with the same fluffy brush.

Well and truly set, you’re ready to face the day!

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Skincare Secrets For Better Skin

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