The Sculpted Look


How-to Sculpt

Step 1

Infallible Sculpt

Contouring has never been easier

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Step 2

Sculpted Eye

Try the sculpted eye for yourself

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Makeup Designer Tips

Tobi HenneyBy Tobi Henney
Official L'Oréal Paris Makeup Director


The highlighter shade brightens the high points of the face and compliments the features which have been shaded. Place the highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones, centre of the nose, cupids bow, under the brow bone and centre of forehead and chin.


Use your hands to find the hollows of your cheekbones and place the product starting from the hairline and sweep toward the edge of the mouth stopping under the eye. Build up the product slowly to create a soft shadow which will define your facial features. By shading the jawline and temple you can create a more oval like face shape.


By blending the product into the skin until there is no harsh edges will create a flawless finish. The easiest way to blend is to use light-handed circular motions with your makeup brush.


Start from the root of the lash and wiggle the wand through your lashes several times and concentrate on the outer lashes to create perfectly sculpted lashes.


Brush the brows up and coat the brow hairs evenly and groom into place to
create fuller looking brows. Concentrate on creating perfect arched brows
which are symmetrical.


Looking straight ahead mark the point on each eye where you want the wing to end. Slowly create your wing and use small dashes to line the upper lash line until your eyeliner is complete.

Complete the Look

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  • Infallible Matte Foundation

    Infallible Matte Foundation

    Infallible Matte resists sweat, stress,
    heat and humidity with no shine and
    no mask effect for a perfect matte
    finish that lasts up to 24 hours.

  • Infallible Sculpt Palette

    Infallible Sculpt Palette

    Sculpt and define your features with
    shadow and light, using our
    cream-to-powder contouring palette.


  • False Lash Sculpt

    False Lash Sculpt

    More than a mascara, sculpt your
    lashes in just one stroke, for a full
    volume, tightlining effect
    with no gaps.

  • Super Liner Perfect Slim

    Super Liner Perfect Slim

    Create your precise sculpted eye look with this intensely black formula that will last you all day.

  • Brow Artist Sculpt

    Brow Artist Sculpt

    Unique powder-to-cream texture
    lets you sculpt and define your
    brows effortlessly, with a
    velvety matte finish.