A natural beauty who lives and breathes a balanced, healthy lifestyle, the new face of Hair Expertise is naturally, Megan.

Whether it’s walking her dog on the beach, spending time with loved ones, practicing yoga or eating well; Megan is the perfect embodiment of the Beauty of Pure.

“I have always been a big believer in taking care of myself both inside and out, with the constant goal of achieving optimum well-being. For me it’s a holistic philosophy that nurtures the body, mind and soul… and I only ever look and feel my best when all of these elements are equally nurtured.

This consists of loads of various things but really comes down to making smart lifestyle choices that are better for you. From staying fit and healthy with exercise and diet; taking time to relax, recharge and reflect; to the products I chose to use…
it all comes together. To be the face of Hair Expertise is such
a perfect fit for me as the whole philosophy behind this range is all about creating a lifestyle choice that’s better for you”.