Hair Colour
L'Oréal Paris Expert Colourist, Christophe Robin answers all your colour questions

n°1 How to colour your hair at home?

How to create a natural look with a colour at home?

Play around with your natural hair colour by bringing out its reflections: brighten it in summer or soften it up in winter with a tone-on-tone colour such as Casting Crème Gloss.

How to dramatically change your hair colour at home?

Dramatically transforming your hair colour requires several steps. Each step will take you closer to your desired colour whilst maintaining your hair’s condition. It is therefore essential to space over time colouring sessions at home.

n°2 How to make colouring your hair easy?

How to limit mess?

It's easy, use the tools provided in the box (gloves, applicators, brushes, cream/gel) and follow the instructions step by step. During application, massage the scalp well. If you want the easiest, fastest and cleanest solution, try Sublime Mousse. Sublime Mousse is a permanent hair colour in a mousse format that won’t drip and is as easy to apply as a shampoo.

How to avoid staining your neck and back?

To avoid stains on your neck and back, always remember to put a towel over your shoulders for the application.

How not to stain your face?

Apply a little petroleum jelly around the edge of the face to protect the skin. If you wear glasses, wrap the branches of your glasses with cling film. If ever the product drips, clean with a sponge or cotton wool soaked in water.

n°3 easy steps to remember when colouring your hair.

Colouring your hair at home in 4 easy steps.

1. Condition: Start by treating your hair with a conditioning masque to leave it feeling nourished such as shampoo and conditioner.

2. Choose: Choose your colour carefully by taking into account your natural colour, and compare the colour on the box with the colour of your eyebrows. Keep in mind that we tend to think our hair is darker than it actually is so if you are choosing between 2 packs, always opt for the lightest shade.

3. Perform: a skin allergy test 48 hours before using the colourant.

4. Protect: Colouring your hair multiple times can cause it to weaken and dry out. Remember to protect your newly coloured hair and its radiance with a specially designed hair care range like Elvive Colour Protect to keep your colour looking glossy for longer.

n°4 WHAt does the numbers on the packs mean?

L’Oréal Paris hair colours have 1–4 digits next to their shade description. These numbers further define the depth and reflect of the colour result.

The first number represents the depth of that particular shade. The numbers following represent added reflects that provide the shade’s character.


L’Oreal Paris the wordwide number 1 in hair colour offers both permanent and non-permanent hair colours.

There are two different colourants for you to choose from, either (1) permanent or (2) non-permanent, sometimes referred as tone-on-tone or semi-permanent.

Permanent colours

  • • Colour won’t wash out
  • • Requires maintenance usually every 6 weeks to manage re‑growth
  • • Optimal for grey coverage
  • • Permanent hair colours from L’Oreal Paris: Excellence Crème (grey coverage), Preference (fashion colours) and Sublime Mousse (ease of application)

Non-permanent colours

  • • Last up to 28 shampoos
  • • Ammonia free: Gentler on your hair and scalp, suitable for more sensitive scalps
  • • Low maintenance, as the colour fades naturally over time
  • • Perfect for first time colour users: you can try a colour without the commitment of a permanent colour
  • • Non-permanent from L’Oreal Paris: Casting Crème Gloss (super soft and glossy hair)

n°6 How to colour different types of hair?

Thick, curly, long, highlighted, whatever the type of your hair, you can colour it at home.

How to colour thick or long hair?

To get an even looking coverage it is best to use two boxes of colourant if your hair is thick or long. Some places are difficult to reach, so be sure to apply the product evenly throughout your hair.

How to colour curly hair?

It is best to divide strands of your hair from root to tip, into small sections to ensure an even coverage.

Curly hair does not catch the light in the same way as straight hair because of the loops and can be more fragile. Keep your curls well nourished and glossy with an intensive conditioning masque, like Elvive Colour Protect masque.

n°7 How to cover grey hair ?

Add a touch of colour to cover your first grey hair.

If you like your natural hair colour, choose a tone-on-tone colour like Casting Crème Gloss that will blend away grey hair.

If you have a lot of grey hair, Sublime Mousse and Préférence are good options as they provide up to 100% grey coverage.

Finally, Excellence’s formula provides coverage for up to 100% grey hair along with triple protection.

n°8 What is the benefit of a no-ammonia colourant?

When using an ammonia based hair colour some people can experience an itchy scalp and watery eyes. No-ammonia colourants, like Casting Crème Gloss, are gentle on you and your hair. Additionally no-ammonia colourants don’t smell as much as ammonia-based colourants.

n°9 Want to quickly touch up your roots?

It's easy, 4 steps and you can colour your roots without fuss.

Step one:

Perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before colouring.

Step two:

Choose the same shade you used last time you coloured your hair.

Step three:

In 5 minutes, apply the colour along the roots following the instructions. Then leave on for 20 minutes.

Step four:

Finally rinse the hair for 5 minutes, and apply a conditioner to brighten the hair.

n°10 How to enhance your skin tone with HAIR colour?

How can I still look myself?

Consider your style and taste. Your choice of hair colour should complement the colour of your eyes and your skin. Finding your perfect colour is choosing the one that best reflects your personality.

How to enhance your look?

If you have fair skin, or eyes which are blue, green or grey, you can opt for shades with hints of ash or beige. Whereas if you have golden skin, or dark or hazel eyes, there is nothing like warm reflections to accentuate your natural look.