Colour of hope


L’Oreal Paris has been the proud partner of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) since 2009. In the spirit of our signature phrase “Because You’re Worth It” L’Oréal Paris is passionate about supporting and empowering women everywhere. While awareness of the disease has increased amongst Australians, four in nine women still believe that a pap smear will detect ovarian cancer. The sad reality is that there is no early detection test. Ovarian cancer remains a silent killer, with two thirds of women diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease.

But there is hope.
L’Oréal Paris continues the partnership with the OCRF with the Colour of Hope campaign. L’Oréal Paris teamed with Priceline and donated 100% of its net profits from the sale of selected* Colour Riche lipstick or nail polish products. The response was overwhelming, and we would like to thank you all for your commitment to this cause. But this fight is an ongoing one, so show your continued support. When it comes to helping save women's lives, every little bit counts. Donate to this important cause to help make a difference - because all women are worth it.

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